Secure your home

Secure your home

Having a live working alarm system on your home seriously deters intruders from attempting to break into your home. We have over 30 years experience working on electrical and alarms, you can trust us to help Protecting What Matters To You.  While we no longer hold a licence we can sub contract to a licenced contractor.

There are some very good tips below for other ways of ensuring your home and your family stay safe.

If you have an alarm system USE IT.

Keep windows and doors locked at all times, even while you are in the house. Make sure they are locked at night.

Leave a light on when you go out.

If you are going on holidays let your neighbour know, cancel your newspapers or milk round. Ask a neighbour to take in the post or junk mail which can be a giveaway that you are not at home.

Test your system every once in a while, let the alarm bells ring just to make sure that they are working.

Don’t advertise that you are going on holidays and that your home will be empty by checking in to the Airport or other places on every Social Media outlet that you have an account with, you really never know who is watching your every move.